For those who love playing guitar, banjo, ukulele... sit and play with no neck or shoulder strap or foot rest.

Free up your neck and shoulders, and save your back... this is a must have! Also perfect for the child just learning to play the guitar by helping to prevent the instrument from slipping down off the leg.

The Guitar Lap-Strap is designed to help support a musical instrument, such as the guitar or other portable musical instrument, while you sit and play. No more hunching or leg crunching to prevent your guitar from slipping. Your guitar or instrument rests behind the Guitar Lap-Strap which is secured by the strap and the soft pad retainer. The Guitar Lap-Strap wraps around your right or left mid-thigh. This allows you to support the instrument without the use of a neck or shoulder strap, foot rest, or other constraint.... Just your hands!

Guitar Lap-Strap ™
Patent: 7420108